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Speech Blueprint: Using Simon Sinek’s TED Talk as a Model to Inspire Action

 Author: Paul Gustavson  Category:  Buy Now

In his TED Talk classic from September 2009, titled How Great Leaders Inspire Action, Simon Sinek models what might be the textbook speech. In Speech Blueprint, Paul Gustavson breaks down the 10 essential elements for presenting an idea that inspires action based on Simon’s model. He shows how it is a powerful mechanism that anyone can use.

Through these elements, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of creating dips and spikes
  • The value of questions
  • The power of stories
  • The impact of inserting scientific research
  • The magic of pauses
  • The mechanisms to pivot through a crisis
  • The importance to iterate a key thought to drive home the message
  • The power of visual communication
  • The simple way to finish your presentation