With our [RE]Naissance programme

Offer yourself a boost of confidence and don’t succumb to the randomness of a rapidly changing world.

[RE] Integration into the job market (individual CV writing, cover letter, interview preparation), workshops (Sales Techniques, Presentation Skills, Q&A), or any other challenging situation, combined if desired, with our experts in [RE]Looking and [RE] Styling.

Pimp your Business

Mystery shopping: Ambiance, Service, Selection, Choices, Range, Demand, Price, Competition…
* Precision-targeting your clientele and catering to their unique needs.
* Precision suggestions for optimizing your facilities and reception, tailored to both a global and individual approach to your business.
* Establishing synergistic partnerships.
* Workshops: Harness the power of storytelling, supercharge your sales, ignite motivation, elevate your reputation and visibility, master social media management, and effectively communicate your values to your employees, clients, and partners. Join our Workshop on the Commerce of the Future.
* Surveys
* Complaints Management
* Synergies, Referral program

Pimp your Communication

Translated into English: “Analysis of your visibility (Physical and Digital, website, social media…)
Communication: Digital and analog content management, storytelling, newsletters, program promotion & loyalty, personalized writing, photo and video materials for physical and digital support, complaint management, workshops and training, surveys.

Pimp an Idea

Do you need new commercial ideas in a rapidly changing world?

Let’s put our heads together and generate, conceptualize, and capitalize on ideas.

Content management, projects, and specific interventions to address personnel shortages in the areas of communication, strategy, and concept.

Added Value

  • 31 years of experience in the fields of economy and commerce, promotion, and communication.
  • A dynamic perspective on the power of collaborations and synergies
  • Actively engaged in commerce with a boutique featuring avant-garde trends – as a prototype – for the commerce of tomorrow.
  • Technically versed with a great love for the written word in four languages.
  • A pronounced passion for everything related to presentations (tools and public speaking).