Success stories

  • Album Think Twice is my first project in the real economy, a project of my heart. A new type of concept in the heart of Dudelange, in a rapidly changing world. A combination of modern and classic communication and a shopping networking universe for all those who are looking for a combination of aesthetics and sustainability or a moment of relaxation with a good book or with nice people. Of course, you will also be provided with high-quality food and drink. Album is much more than just a boutique: it is a context based on values and for this reason, after a relatively short time, it has already become a central meeting place for people who appreciate our “extra mile”.
  • The collaboration with strong partners such as Pallcenter, the Municipality of Diddeleng, and a few others, which I cannot mention here, is enriching, inspiring, and an ongoing process that continuously propels us forward.
  • As a former presenter at the local television station and an accomplished editor of professional articles, as well as a published author whose book was shortlisted for Book of the Year in 2019, I possess a vast range of knowledge and expertise that I hold dear. These experiences have enriched me both personally and professionally, and I am committed to leveraging them to deliver outstanding results.
  • As Vice President of the Business Association of Dudelange, FCAD, I was entrusted with the task of designing a new website — from conception to content and functionalities. A new logo emphasized the restart of the federation. A concept from A to Z, all in one place.