Fashion and style are two different things

Located in the southern region of Luxembourg, three seasoned experts with a combined experience of 80 years have joined forces to introduce a groundbreaking program: [re]Naissance. Enhance your influence with a unique blend of styling (hair, body, skin) and communication techniques for your ultimate impact. With our extensive expertise, we take pride in empowering numerous clients to cultivate the self-assurance needed to navigate even the most daunting situations.


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Our Driving Force

Eric Maurice

Internationally acclaimed hairstyling studio and image coach.
celebrity styling expert

At 16, Eric Maurice began his journey in hairdressing, quickly excelling in competitions, securing 31 diplomas including top honors. With extensive experience, he ventured into freelance work after directing artistic endeavors all over the world. In his carreer, he styled renowned figures like Kylie Minogue and Ricky Martin. Eric blends his artistic flair with fashion, showcasing his talent globally through shows and collaborations, embracing the evolving trends of the industry.

Eric Maurice puts his art at the service of training, coaching, image consulting, management, and artistic direction.

His talent as a studio hairdresser is highlighted by his scenic creations (shows), where he combines avant-garde High Hairstyling and Haute Couture.

Industry-Leading Experts

Nathalie Meier

Communication coach
Project and content manager

After a long and successful career as a hunter and wealth manager in the financial district, including experience as a public speaker and presenter on local television, the visionary behind our [re]Naissance program embraced the realm of entrepreneurship.

Today, she channels her extensive expertise in communication, negotiation, acquisition, and presentation skills to deftly empower her clients in their unique challenges.

Her specialty lies in designing personalized training sessions and workshops, drawing on studies and works by authors as well as recognized expertise in the fields of communication, presentation, and managing specific challenges.

Success Stories

To be able to help and inspire, we first need to embrace and celebrate our own success stories, our talents and our courage to live by them and our creativity to unite them. We found each other - by design - and discovered unique and long term talents that inspire people and which we love to share. You deserve to be seen.
Nathalie Meier
When we first crossed paths, there was an instant connection. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we share a common zeal for excellence, innovation, and the success stories of our clients. This program offers a comprehensive solution for those who strive for nothing but the best.
Eric Maurice

How It All Started

All Success Stories Have A Beginning.

Ours Was Our "Miss ALBUM" Of The Month.

Every month, women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds seize the opportunity to embody the essence of a radiant model, tailored to celebrate their unique splendor.

They delve into the enchanting world of “Miss ALBUM of the Month,” where each month unfolds with the grace of a distinctive ambassador, from Miss January to Miss December. This journey positions them in the spotlight with a captivating photo session lasting an optimal 2 to 3 hours.

Our expert cameras deftly capture sensational outfits, enhancing their presence, while the resulting photographs are shared across our social media platforms, inspiring other women.

Such is the success of Miss ALBUM that the year 2024 is already fully booked!

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