About me

Nathalie Meier-Hottua, born 1970.


Economics, business studies, marketing, communication, consulting and everything that goes with it.


For more than 31 years I was responsible for wealthy private clients in the financial sector as an investment advisor. My strength lay in the acquisition of new clients. In this context, I naturally had a lot to do with marketing, communication and other (internal and external) service providers.

For my last employer, I presented Finance Week on the local TV station, was a speaker at our annual conferences. Throughout my career, I have also worked on many projects in the IT field. I have also written technical articles for various newspapers and was a trainer for our young professionals.

Against all odds

Integrity, authenticity, openness, courage, and self-responsibility are the values that are particularly important to me and that make my life really worth living.

My strengths really come into their own when there is a headwind. With the right arguments, I stand up to the strongest opponents. For me, a challenge is always a mandate to make the best of it and to do so without losing sight of the goal.

At my last employer they used to call me “the engine”.


I am a book author in the context of my training as a Primal Health Coach. Along the way, I have learned a lot about design and photography and studied interior design. I read an average of one reference book per week and am always happy to quickly put what I have learned into practice.

Fauna and Flora are anchor and source of inspiration for me. I have a strong interest in healthy eating in harmony with nature and genes. Once a week I treat friends/family to my healthy-culinary inspirations.

My intellectual and moral growth comes from my weekly discussions with interesting people from all walks of life. These are essential for me, as they allow me to see things from ever new perspectives and help with “self-reflection”.

Otherwise, I keep myself fit and healthy with a healthy diet as well as functional training, hiking and skiing. I am happily married and have several adopted children.

Routine, no thanks!

I am constantly on the search of new challenges.

Although my employer of many years regularly confronted me with new projects and challenges and was thus able to keep me in line for over 10 years, I nevertheless resigned in 2022. The desire to pursue my heart’s project was simply too strong. Album-Think Twice could be considered a success after only 6 months thanks to my skills.


Dynergie is the next logical step for me. Why should I make my skills available to only one company?

Demand now meets supply: I have finally decided to use my energy and my need for variety to make my expertise in communication, marketing, idea generation, synergy development available to those who:

  • are looking for new impulses and ideas;
  • need a Content-Manager, who gives their brand the value they deserve;
  • wish to optimise their internal and external communication
  • need support in the interaction between the real and the inevitable digital world.
  • want to build a strong identity/brand;
  • are looking for a cooperation partner to build strength together;

Would you like me to accompany you on your way to success?

Then contact me. You can do this in Luxembourgish, German, French and English.

Nathalie Meier