The landscape of commerce is rapidly evolving, driven by revolutionary technologies like AI. It’s tempting to believe we can have it all for free, thanks to the array of services some tools offer.

While these tools are undeniably valuable, they remain just that: tools. Even if you were to equip me with the finest technical tools currently available in the market, I wouldn’t possess the expertise to construct a car, assemble a computer, perform haircuts or master the skills of my clients’ professions. This analogy also holds true for communication; evident by the influx of poorly communicated messages that inundate our mailboxes and that have the potential to perturb the discerning eyes and minds of a demanding clientele.

The crucial difference lies in the human touch—the ability to filter, ideate, network, strategize, think critically across psychological, social, economic, and ethical aspects, and build genuine connections.

Defining my job is a reflection of my values. I work for clients who appreciate the value of intelligent, creative, empathetic and interconnected communication. Quality over quantity drives my approach, avoiding the hamster wheel of chasing as many clients as possible solely based on price pitches.

Instead, I appreciate meaningful partnerships with clients who share my vision. I create a rewarding experience for both parties, valuing cooperation, teamwork, and mutual success. By staying true to my values, I attract clients who recognize the significance of my expertise, ensuring that they, too, are rewarded for their investment.

A fee structure must be built on mutual respect and provides everything that is needed to offer the utmost value in return and to result in a win-win situation.

When we work together, I make your goals mine.

I don’t need to be an expert in your field; That’s your job. My forte lies in unbiased listening, active research, quick comprehension, and crafting the right communication, ideas, strategies, and synergies—that’s what I’m passionate about, and that’s what I turned into my profession. I offer an external perspective, combining it with analyses of global economic trends. For maximum efficiency, I happily collaborate with your marketing department. No competition- just added value.

I bring 31 years of experience in economics, consulting, and communication to the table. I have been a hunter for as long as I can think. Coupled with creativity, courage, open-mindedness, technical know-how, and a commitment to putting ego aside, I am the ideal partner for your communication needs in a rapidly changing economy.

What are 1000 likes or followers on your social media worth if they come from the other side of the globe? I aim to maximize your potential with your prospective clients.

Of course, all of this must come with a cost that depends on your specific requirements and needs. I have decided to work at a price that ensures that I can deliver the best possible results for you and that it works for both parties.

Don’t hesitate to request a personalized offer tailored to your needs.

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