4*3 Infogreen, Nathalie Meier’s carte blanche

I am delighted to share, with you, the launch of the 22ᵉ edition of Infogreen’s 4 × 3 Magazine, in which I had the great honour of presenting a carte blanche in relation to my “Big Interview” with Mr. Frédéric Liégeois.

I invite you to discover the article published in Infogreen, which retraces my journey and my motivations that led to the creation of the Album-Think Twice Boutique, as well as a replay of my presentation during my carte blanche. In this one, I share my reasons for leaving my former professional environment and the growing importance of the art of communication. You can find the full text of my presentation below.

I share this post with the kind permission of the Infogreen team: Copyright 4×3 magazine / Infogreen.lu, photos Marie Champlon.


Before you stands a fulfilled woman.

A woman who decided to fly away from a gilded cage: a cage that was comfortable and pleasant. Looking in her rearview mirror reveals a beautiful journey, a respectable career that she could have easily preserved until her last day of work. From the outside, she had it all.

Until the moment she exchanged her rearview mirror for the windshield.

Before we continue, I thank all the people who believe in me. Above all, I want to thank my family for their precious support, as well as my girlfriend and guardian angel, Christianne, who lit the flame of confidence in me, helping me find my way to this precise moment. Thanks also to my former colleagues for their extraordinary support in helping me achieve my goals. Thank you, Frédéric, for our great interview, a moment so interesting that we didn’t see the time pass.

Now let’s get to the fundamental question: why?

Why abandon this world, which still seems so attractive to many ambitious young professionals today?

I accepted to feel the wind of freedom.

How was my life different from that of a hamster on a wheel?

R0NY1J Hamster Wheel Denisse

Ah, wait a second — I was running in Louboutins!

Imagine an unbridled little rodent, wearing high heels, pencil skirts, and perfectly applied and matching lipstick. Of course, it’s a bit cliché—a caricature – but I suppose you have the image in your mind.

And at night, I dreamed of being an adventurer in Western boots.

A human being who will leave this world with added value, having improved something, at least in their immediate environment.

In my wildest dreams, I even managed to change the world.

For 30 years, I stifled this call by taking on the most ambitious challenges to satisfy my intellectual and creative thirst. My learning curve: impressive. My efficiency… undeniable. They called me the bull, the engine. I pulled. I pushed. But, in reality, I was going in circles.

Coupled with indecent overconsumption, my diversion manoeuvres worked. Immediate satisfaction guaranteed… Or almost… because one day, even an extra pair of Louboutins could no longer change my feeling of emptiness.

What was the meaning of this life?

With this question in mind, I decided to listen to the call of adventure, creativity, my passions, and… Santiagues.

The image will become even clearer if I present a value that is dear to me: the art of personal responsibility.

Let’s think of a disease, ideally a disease of modern society. Whatever it is. We all know that if we only treat the symptoms, the origin persists. The side effects of the supposed remedies are added and accumulate… until “nothing works any more!”

Who is responsible: the remedy, the doctor, or myself?

As this is based on experience, I know the answer: the only person responsible is me.

If I am here before you today, after realizing that the wheel, my old work context, had become too abstract, restrictive, and rigid for me (and this is not a judgment, it is an analysis) – I decided to choose… no: to build ! an environment that suits me.

Instead of looking for excuses and solutions outside, I decided to go inward… the seat of the cause.

Blame gives power to the one we blame. In German: Wem man die Schuld gibt, gibt man die Macht. In German: Wem man die Schuld gibt, gibt man die Macht.

There is – of course – a second reason why I am with you today.

Because my choice is not only an act of courage and responsibility, it is also an anticipation.

We are all aware that our current system is leading us straight into a wall. We, the people gathered here today, are fortunate enough to be part of the happy few.

Now it is up to us to use our diversity, optimism, creativity, intelligence, and entrepreneurial spirit to act and make a difference.

The red carpet of opportunities lies in front of us.

It is by embracing our responsibility that we give ourselves the power.

The question then arises: are we responsible and active human beings, or resigned and passive ones? Do we want to lead or be led?

Change is in the air. It is inevitable, and the status quo is an illusion.

Major projects, driven by powerful actors such as the World Economic Forum, are already well underway. According to them, by 2030 we will own nothing and yet be happy.

Do you really think it will be a world economic forum that will be responsible for our happiness? Really? So, we will entrust such a personal feeling to outsiders? Hm… I have my doubts.

Therefore, even though this vision appears to be in line with the idea of a circular economy, which I fully embrace, I believe that it is we who are responsible for our happiness—and also for our good mood. What do WE want to do—now—to be happy?

Do we prefer to wait for these projects to be imposed on us, particularly by the large companies involved with their unlimited resources, or do we prefer to act according to our own values, starting now, to cushion the blow?

What price are we willing to pay for our choice?

It is our choices that reveal our intentions.

For my part, I have decided to shake everything up and rebuild my context, paving a potential path. An environment based on my values rather than those of others.

By embracing responsibility, I have given myself power.

It is with this mindset that I have embarked on two complementary challenges: a heart project and a reason project.

My heart project: a boutique combining my passion for fashion, design, and regional artisans’ creativity with the circular economy, promoting exchange and sharing.

I had to find, sorry, create! a place to share and circulate my Louboutins, right?

It is also a meeting place for friendly people, serving as an example for a more sustainable way of life. In a way, it is my laboratory for my main project.

This project, and without the latter, the former will not work, is communication, my passion, my profession, my strong point.

Because communication will be the key factor in our success in this world in transition, where training, exchange, and the creation of synergies will be paramount. Communication will decide whether we reach our destination or someone else’s.

It is by communicating that we can inspire, motivate, educate, passion, and… take responsibility.

If we want to succeed, let’s move from theory to action.

Let’s set an example and not wait for the perfect solution on paper before we start.

Let’s be role models in our respective fields, without waiting for someone else to take the initiative.

Let’s claim our right to personal responsibility and take back the power of our happiness and that of the planet.

Let’s collaborate and work together.

And then… let’s explain, train, communicate, inspire.

With pride, without any modesty and in complete transparency.

I conclude this presentation with the reminder that we can theoretically change the world in 34 days.

Thirty-four days!

If you wish to know how, I invite you to consult the legend of Sissa and his chessboard, a legend so inspiring that I have published it on my website. You can read it here.

Thank you.


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