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What made you click to reach this page? 

Was it curiosity? Was it a postcard? The picture? Or have you been triggered by the two words “What if?” 

If it was a postcard, who do you think sent it to you? What, if it was a client or a prospect? Or a member of your team? Or do you think it was me? 

More important: Why did this person send you the postcard?

Whatever your answer is … it is by all odds correct because you are here, with me, and I am grateful for your visit, whatever your personal reason is. 

Thank you!

You are only a few seconds away from finding out what this post is about

This post is about success. Your success.

I believe that true success is a consequence of the right attitude, open-mindedness, idea generation and, above all, a good communication combined with human values. Those depend on individual experiences and choices in life. My values are: integrity, authenticity, loyalty, and optimism. What are yours? I am thrilled to find out.

Communication is a profession and this profession is my passion.

31 years of expertise in (commercial) communication within the financial sector (what else?), based on in-depth theoretical knowledge in the field of communication (Simon Sinek, Paul Gustavson, Mark Manson, Karin Kuschik and many more) such as change management and idea generation have given me the necessary resilience, and expertise to set myself free for … you! 

What if?

I am the typical “What if?” type: whatever I think, I always think the opposite as well (Paul Arden). I think about the best case, the worst case, then … probabilities. The question “Why?” more often than not triggers my answer “Why not?”. That’s how I seek the biggest angle possible to consider a situation, ideally 360°. What type of person are you? What about your team-members? Your clients?

Today, I can happily state: I learned from the bad and from those considered being the best, both sides being equally useful, of course. Some lessons were even learned the hard way. As a matter of fact, I never stopped studying and implementing, and I never will. Because it’s my passion.

With Dynergie, I make this knowledge available to those who are looking for:

  • Commercial Consulting
  • Individualized ghostwriting
  • Marketing, Branding, Change Management
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Visual and Digital merchandising
  • Workshops (Motivation, Storytelling, Communication both in terms of content and form)

I offer you a new pair of eyes on your internal and external communication, skilled ghostwriting, especially for challenging situations, and a review and an optimization of your digital presence if required. I am, by the way, a big fan of self-responsability, as it puts the power over a situation in our camp.

If we want to know what our part is in a situation, let’s have a look at the result.

My offer is quadrilingual: Luxembourgish, German, French, and English.


Communication can be full of generosity and goodwill, and bulletproof (disclaimer friendly).

It happens with words and also with body language, looks, aesthetic choices.

It can reach from safe and traditional to open-minded, intriguing, stimulating, even bold.

Sometimes soothing, sometimes challenging.

Big public or one to one.

Analogue, digital, or a combination of both. 

At all times, it should respect the language itself (orthography, grammar), the addressed party, your team and yourself.

Communication brings us together.

Now that you know that this site is about communication, cohesion and visibility, how are you going to react?

Do you consider my approach intriguing, inspiring you to find out more?

Or do you prefer to stick to your traditions?

Do you want to discuss if and how I can be useful to you? 

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